Timeline - dissertation at CSC

Please note that this is a timeline based on the routines at CSC. Some changes might occur with EECS. A new timeline and checklists will be available as soon as possible.

These timelines contains recommended dates but also dates that must be followed. The important dates will be in bold writing and must be complied with.
The academic year for the doctoral studies are:
Aug 15 - Dec 20
Jan 7 - Jun 15
The dissertation must take place during the academic year which results in for instance that a dissertation on the 15th of August, the paper work must be processed six weeks before the 15th of June.


Point in time What needs to be done Responsible Tips, links and comments
From twentysix weeks to sixteen weeks before defence Suggest opponent, members of the thesis committe*, chair, and stand-in replacement to the director of doctoral studies and a copy to fu-adm@csc.kth.se Supervisor *E-mail name and links to updated home pages for the opponent and the members of the thesis committe with information about their current position and a publication list. (If no home page exist, send an resumé.)

Contact the doctoral studies administration to make sure that the date you plan to book is avaliable. Supervisor or Ph.D.- student There may only be one defence of thesis or licentiate thesis in the same programme per day. Make sure your intended date is availible by looking in the calendar before you contact us.
Contact defence opponent and members of thesis committe. Supervisor Information to the opponent and thesis committe
Book a suitable room (pdf 15 kB) for your defence Ph.D.- student
If you need extra help, contact the Service Center
Help opponent and members of the thesis committe with travel and living expenses. Supervisor

Dissertation and Licentiate

If you need extra help, contact the Service Center.

Contact advance reviewer. Supervisor

The advance reviewer must not be biased and may not be part of the thesis committe. The advance reviewer should be associate professor or have the equivalent qualification. The advance reviewer can´t be one of the student´s supervisors.


Twelve weeks before defence Put your text in a template if this is not done. Ph.D.- student Template
Aim for an almost complete manuscript. Ph.D.- student  
The manuscript should be accepted by the supervisor.
Do a plagiarism control.
Supervisor Information about how to do plagiarism control.
Language editing. Ph.D.- student All expenses must be approved by the director of your department or the project owner.
Eleven weeks before defence Hand in the form Advance reviewer for licentiate thesis/doctoral thesis to the PhD education administration post box, CSC, Lv 3. PhD-student/Supervisor The form Advance reviewer for licentiate thesis/doctoral thesis
Ten weeks before defence Give the manuscript to the advance reviewer. Supervisor Plan for using at least 2 weeks after finishing internal quality
Bring in the quotation from the printing company.
Minimum of 30 copies.
All expenses must be approved by the director of your department and will be paid by your department.
Ph.D.- student

Thesis details
If any problems with the printing or graphical profile contact Maria Malmquist, communication officer at CSC.

Six weeks before defence (Mandatory) Fill in the following forms and sends them to the PhD student administration post box, CSC, LV3: Ph.D-candidate Supervisor. *Fill in the final names and e-mail address for: The opponent, chairman, the members of the thesis board and the stand-in replacement, approved by the director of doctoral studies.

Note that the information on the application form cannot be changed after it has been handed in.

Note, if you do not hand in the forms in time your thesis defence has to be postponed.

KTH Archive
Five weeks before defence The thesis should be provided with the following numbers:
  • TRITA-EECS-AVL 2018:xx
  • ISBN number
Ph.D.- student
  • TRITA-CSC-A 2018:xx - the serial number will be handed out to you by the administrators of doctoral studies.
  • ISBN number is handed out by KTHB: KTHB purchasing department tel 08-7907186.
Proof of thesis from the printing company. Ph.D.- student  
Go through the distribution list, the department and the supervisor's lists. Send in the list that describes your mailing to the administrators of Phd education. Ph.D.- student The distribution list must be signed by the Dean three weeks before the defence.
Distribution lists.
Four weeks before defence

The director of doctoral studies, CSC, decides definite opponent, thesis committee, chair head and stand-in replacement.



Send you final thesis according to the distribution list Ph.D.- student

The thesis must be officially received three weeks before the defence.

The electronic posting is carried out in the KTH publication database DiVA. Posting your thesis includes registering information about the thesis and the defence of the thesis, as well as uploading your thesis in full-text (PDF).
Posting a doctoral thesis

Three weeks before defence Decisions on the dissertation is sent to all concerned parties. FU-Adm
About 2 weeks before the defence Hang you thesis in the tree. Ph.D.- student Hang your thesis in the tree by the entrance at Lindstedtsvägen 3, 4th floor.
If you don´t have the possibility to come here and hang your thesis in the tree, you can send one extra copy to the administrators of doctoral studies.
The day of defence Go to the service center and pick up flowers, glass sculpture and the diploma.
Receive opponent, examination committee, chairman and Reserve (if needed).
Print and bring the protocol.
Supervisor The protocol has been be e-mailed but if needed, you can print a blank form from the KTH Archive
After defence Bring the protocol to Fu-adm and make sure everything is filled out properly. Supervisor  
Apply for PhD. Send the form on paper to the administrators of doctoral studies when all courses are registered in Ladok. Ph.D.- student KTH Archive
The Service center writes a remuneration of 9000 SEK to the opponent and a remuneration of 2 500 SEK to the grading board members. This is not applicable on KTH-employees. Service center This does not apply for KTH employees.
Have a meeting and evaluate your education according to the checklist; returning the computer, keys and access cards Supervisor  
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