Ergonomics Rond of each department

Published Nov 23, 2016

During January and February, each department will be visited by an ergonomist. Below you will find information on when the ergonomist will come to your department, the ergonomist will arrive at 9:00 anst start the round. Please fill in if you can attend or if you are interested in receiving a visit from an ergonomist but can´t attend on the proposed date. Enter your KTH mail when you register. The links below will take you to a doodle:

Stab 2017-01-26

CST 2017-01-31

MID, CESC 2017-02-02

PDC 2017-02-06

RPL 2017-02-08

TCS 2017-02-13

TMH 2017-02-15

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