3-day course on IPR and Commercialization

Course: FLI3117, Innovation in academic research

Publicerad 2016-12-08

Intellectual Property Rights and commercialization of research results. 11-16 January 2017. Credits: A passed course will give 2 hp in your research education.
For more info, please contact: Rosa Lönneborg (rosa@kth.se)

Course requirements and examination

To pass the course you will need to:

  • Be present at all three seminars.
  • Perform a patent information search relating to your research area according to instructions in seminar 2, and also send in a report on your results.
  • Make a brief inventory of the potentially commercializable IPR in your research project, based on guidelines and instructions that you get in seminar 3.

Learning outcomes

On completion of the course, the student should be able to:

  • Understand the basic concepts in Intellectual Property Rights (IPR).
  • Find, evaluate and identify technical information from patent literature within his/her research area.
  • Identify Intangible assets within a research project.

Course content

Seminar 1
Basic knowledge about Intellectual Property Rights

Date and time: January 11, 13:00-16:00
Place: "Fantum" på Lindstedsvägen 24
Presenter: Mats Nordenborg, PRV

This seminar will give you an introduction to Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) and how different aspects of IPR are relevant to academic research. There will also be an overview of the international systems relevant to IPR.

Seminar 2
How to find useful information from patents within your research area

Date and Time: January 12, 13:00-16:00
Place: "Fantum" på Lindstedsvägen 24
Presenter: Christin Wendel, PRV and Rosa Lönneborg, KTH Library

This seminar will give you knowledge about patent databases available at KTH and how to search for patent information and find relevant technical information within your research area from the patent literature. Bring your own computer to the seminar.

Seminar 3
Commercialization of research results

Date and Time: January 16, 13:00-16:00
Place: "Fantum" på Lindstedsvägen 24
Presenter: Gustav Notander, KTH Innovation

The seminar will give an overview of different aspects of commercialization of research results and how an inventory of Intangible Assets within a research project can be performed.

Assignment 1:
Select an appropriate database with patent content and search within your research area. Locate at least 4 fulltext patents that are relevant for your research. Read and summarize the technical content with a few sentences for each patent (1/2-1 A4 page in total). Refer to the patents correctly and also give an account for patent family size and citations and what database you get this information from.

Assignment 2:
Identify the different types of IPR that are created in a research project(s), how they potentially could create value and impact, and how they should or could protect it. This is not a detailed description of specific results or inventions, but rather a discussion around the types of IP created and how the IP could create value.

Please register via this link, no later January 6th: goo.gl/GRGTPK

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